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            Welcome to Hangzhou Huatai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.!

            Products center

            P20 Sports Perimeter LED Display

            Products details:

            Outdoor P20 sports perimeter full color LED display(other pith is available, LED display size to be custom-made)

            Hot in the sports event, the ease of tansportation, installation and use make it an unaviodable product in sports field.

            Design advantages details:

            1. Softshder to protect the Stadium player in case of felling down

            2. Soft top to protect the Basketball player in case of felling down

            3. Rental cabinet with easy and quick installation System (like locks and air plug ect)

            4. Foldable and adjustable handhelds at both sides of LED display cabinet

            LED Lamp Specs:

            - Configurations: 2 Red, 1 blue &amp; 1 Green.

            - Viewing Angle: H=120, V=60.

            Module Specs:

            - True Pitch=20mm;

            - True Resolution=16 x 8; Virtual Resolution=32 x 16

            - Module Dimensions=320mm x 160mm

            Cabinet Specs:

            - Module Layout = 4 x 6

            - Cabinet Dimensions = 1280mm x 960mm x 190mm

            LED Display Specs:

            - Brightness: &gt;6,800 nit

            - Contrast: &gt;64000: 1

            - Grayscale: 64k

            - Scan Rate: 1, 000Hz

            - Refresh Rate: 60-85Hz

            - Transformation: Virtual/True

            - Maximum Resolution: 1024 x 768 / 1280 x 1024 or custom-made